Consent to Leave Australia – Learnings

The requirement for consent to leave Australia has been in place for many months.
Having assisted a number of people to apply for consent, I have noticed the following, which may assist those intending to apply: –
1. the “DIY” online application system seems straightforward but is very technical, don’t just assume it’s a “Tick the Box” type application – the Commonwealth authorities have a discretion and must be persuaded;
2. there is a need to consider the specific requirements in detail, to be sure of what reasons exist to support an application for exemption (or not);
3. where making a declaration, one must be careful to ensure the Commonwealth form is used, not that of a State;
4. there is a need to provide evidence to support the reasons relied upon such as, where going overseas for a job, to provide a copy of the job offer;
5. where the overseas evidence is in other than English, an authorised translation should be obtained and submitted;
6. some vaccines are not recognised overseas, so check first and obtain a vaccine acceptable to your intended destination;
7. attention to detail is the key;
8. rejection decisions often indicate what was seen as deficient, so allowing improvements in a fresh application;
9. the idea of using the sometimes suggested “New Zealand” bubble option, and then flying on to somewhere else is a risky one, as authorities have the right to query, particularly on return.
I have helped a number of people collate support evidence and to draft the statutory declarations. Feel free to contact me at or 02 9265 3000 if you wish to discuss.