I am a practising lawyer with many years experience at at the interface of commercial contracting and Government, including procurement, Government, governance and a wide range of contracting, including I P and trademarks.

Another of my interests is training in and of and standards expected of lawyers.

I  am sharing some of my ideas and opinions about the Law, what it does well and what it does not, to prompt some debate with other lawyers, particularly those in the Asia Pacific region.

When I was a law student, I thought jurisprudence as a dull and irrelevant subject.

Now, with the benefit of many years practice, I see how much of the legal work I do and have done has jurisprudential aspects.

That may simply reflect that much of what I have done was to do with law reform and sometimes measuring the academic and practical skills of lawyers and intending lawyers. The aim is to ensure those practising Law have the skills properly to serve the needs of legal services consumers, in all their various forms.

I hope my posts will prompt some discussion.