Running a Business Can Be Hard Work

What If Someone Pinches Your Name, Logo or Staff Uniform?

Fair competition is intended to benefit consumers by keeping prices under control.

But not all people play by the rules.

What if somebody competes with your business unfairly, by using a logo or website similar to yours or adopts a staff uniform similar to that used by your staff?

You have probably read of disputes about trading names and deceptively similar logos. They can be quite expensive, just as is losing business to a competitor.

Is your trading name or business logo as protected as you think?

Merely registering a company or business name and securing a domain name may not adequately protect your business.

Registration of your logo and/or trading name, if distinctive enough, as a Trade Mark can give you greater protection somebody starts using the same or something very similar.

Registration as a Trade Mark gives a statutory right to exclusive use of your trademark registered name and/or logo.

I can assist you by checking the availability of your name and/or logo as a Trade Mark. If likely to be available, I can assist you with actual registration.

Please feel free to contact me, Greg Ross (61 0413544106 or if you would like to discuss the possibility of better protecting your company name logo and/or staff uniforms.