From the 26th to 28 May 2017 I was able to accept an invitation from the Government of the Republic of Nauru and visit Nauru to deliver a series of continuing legal education and training seminars to Government Lawyers and Officials.

Topics covered in the seminar series were: –
 Procurement – Current Issues in Procurement
 the Who What When and Why of Contract
 Legal Ethics and Model Litigant Principles
 Contract Negotiation Skills and Tactics
 Common Commercial Agreements
 Contract Management, Wrapup Discussion and Q&A.

As with my long term involvement with the Commonwealth Lawyers Association, it was a great experience for me to be able to share ideas with my fellow Commonwealth brothers and sisters, where their experience, in a jurisdiction much smaller than my own, raises, for me, some very interesting questions about how and why we do some things in much larger jurisdictions and whether how we interact with those smaller jurisdictions is as good as it might be.