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Things to Consider in making A Will

Who Do I have a spouse or partner? If so, should we both do Wills and do they have to have any reciprocity? Other Issues 1 What assets do I (and my spouse or partner) have? If so, will both Wills be done? 2 What liabilities do I have? How will liabilities existing at...

Ss 44 & 64 Australian Constitution – Who Can be an MP and a Minister

There has been much speculation about who is or is not validly appointed to both lower and Upper Houses of the Australian Parliament. The issue is now before the High Court of Australia. Related is the issue whether any Ministerial decisions by persons found in breach...

Procurement & Contracts Lecture Series in Nauru

it was a great experience for me to be able to share ideas with my fellow Commonwealth brothers and sisters, where their experience, in a jurisdiction much smaller than my own, raises, for me, some very interesting questions about how and why we do some things in much larger jurisdictions and whether how we interact with those smaller jurisdictions is as good as it might be.


to confer jurisdiction on the Federal Court Of Australia And Federal Circuit Court to hear and determine applications for injunction and or damages in connection with certain noncompliances with Commonwealth procurement guidelines but it it is of note that the legislation covers only some some, but not all, Commonwealth procurement

Intellectual Property Review Recommendations

The Government of Australia, in 2015, commissioned an inquiry into Australia’s intellectual property law and system. That involved community consultation with relevant stakeholders. On 20 December 2016, the Australian Government released publicly a paper to do with...