There are many things going on in the Australian (and overseas) Procurement world(s) at the moment. Current issues include climate change, Modern Slavery, reform (or not) of aspects of the Law to do with Procurement disputes affecting Government and sustainability – see separate post) .

Sustainability is an area of increasing relevance for Australian organisations. It is a worthy aim but one I have found sometimes more aspirational than practical.

ISO 20400 was promulgated in 2017 to help organisations make sustainability at all stages of the procurement cycle a day to day reality.

Access to the detail of ISO 20400 has just been made much easier so allowing incorporation of its principles into the supply cycle easier.

Building the Business Case for Sustainable Procurement in Australia – Edition 2019, has been issued –

The guide can facilitate sustainable procurement by helping procurement professionals to build effective business cases for use within their organisations and amongst their peers.

The document deals with seven sustainability major issues covered in the ISO 20400

• Organisational governance;
• Thee environment;
• Human rights;
• Labour practices;
• Community involvement and development;
• Fair operating practices; and
• Consumer issues.

For each there is an outline summary of the present global position, as well as the Australian context. Each issue is accompanied by examples of organisational threats and opportunities, impactful case studies and a list of useful links and resources!

The guide should help organisations of all sizes in the development of meaningful sustainable procurement business cases to support facilitation of effective sustainable procurement practices.