On 18 May 2016 Endstate Pty Limited conducted a hypothetical on Capturing Innovation in the Tender Process at the Mint in Sydney.

An audience of over 80 included engineers, builders, lawyers and procurement professionals from the public and private sector heard a procurement/construction panel comprising former NSW Premier The Honourable Nick Greiner AC, Greg Fackender Director, Infrastructure of Endstate, Andrew Sims, Director Westlink M7, and Terry, KPMG, Steve Johnson, construction engineer and project manager, Prof Stewart Clegg and Greg Ross

The panel discussed, from a range of stakeholder perspectives, issues and difficulties to be addressed in capturing innovation in context of a fictional proposal for an airport off Bondi Beach.

The seminar was ably and humorously moderated by James O’Loughlin, formerly of ABC television is New Inventors.

Endstate’s Greg Fackender explained his company’s five component methodology for Competitive Assessment Tendering as a reworking of conventional tender processes better aimed at capturing input from all relevant stakeholders and particularly capturing innovation as early as possible in, as well as during a project implementation.

Endstate’s website explains its Competitive Assessment Tendering methodology as model which “facilitates a tender development and award process that promotes true competition on ALL of the criteria for ALL tenderers, and a tender process that is truly transparent, accountable, fair and defensible. It is not prescriptive, but rather it is a methodology for applying the reforms, as well as enhancing probity and good governance.”

A number of examples of innovative proposals for the proposed offshore airport were discussed against the metrics of being evaluated pursuant to the Competitive Assessment Tendering model of Endstate. The Q&A at the conclusion of the hypothetical and following networking event elicited to much interest and many questions in respect of the new methodology.