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Maintenance of Legal Profession Standards NSW

It goes without saying that the maintenance of standards is a hallmark of the legal profession and its support of the Rule of Law. The NSW Supreme Court, in the recent decision of Green v Legal Profession Admission Board [2020] NSWSC 1655 reiterates that view in...

Do my terms of trade mean I need a Credit Licence?

Legislative requirements on whether an organisation or business is to be classed as a “credit provider” needing to have a licence under the Consumer Credit Code are complex. If an organisation or a small business operator supplies “credit”[1] in the course of the sale...

Get in quick to avoid NSW Land Tax Surcharge

If you use a discretionary trust, are a trustee of a discretionary trust or a beneficiary under a discretionary trust you are urged to check and/or seek advice as to whether the relevant trust requires amendment to avoid falling foul of the new surcharge provision.

School Fees – Credit Checks and Default Reports

In context of concerns historically raised which hinder “credit checks” (and noting that this note does not tell schools whether their operations attract “credit provider” and hence “credit reporting” provisions), there are options available for dealing with credit worthiness of school fee payers particularly for schools not able, willing or prepared to be involved in providing credit or credit reporting.