About Greg D Ross

Gregory has a unique and broad experience of legal practice, particularly Government and Government commercial operations such as procurement and the probity issues relating to Procurement and intellectual property law. Gregory Ross was for many years a partner of Eakin McCaffery Cox’s Commercial Government team. He has many years legal services experience spanning litigious and non-litigious, civil and criminal contexts. He is an accredited specialist in Government and Administrative Law under the NSW Law Society’s Specialist Accreditation.

For many years he has practised in the areas of Administrative Law, Government Contracting, Commercial Contracting and Probity matters, including legislative reform and procurement projects, and Intellectual Property Law, to achieve the best value for money for clients.

He works very much at the interface of government and the commercial world. He has, for some time, provided Probity Advisory/Audit governance services to clients.

He and some of his clients have worked with lawyers in a variety of countries to implement many client projects, particularly to do with education services within Australia and beyond.

He was, for a period, a member of the Organisation Review Committee of NSW’s Independent Commission Against Corruption.

His work in Government led him into the intellectual property field, initially to do with Crown Copyright and he now provides intellectual property practice including trademarks, copyright, confidentiality agreements and enforcement of most types of intellectual property rights.

For many years he was a member of the NSW Law Society’s Licensing Committee. He is now a member of the NSW Legal Profession Admission Board’s Legal Qualifications Committee and was closely involved in developments of the National Profession Legislation in Australia. He has been and remains much involved in practice standards relevant to Admission to Practice.

He provides legal services and advice on professional conduct issues for lawyers and various medical professionals.

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