Gregory Ross is a lawyer of many good Commercial Government experience. He has many years legal services experience spanning litigious and non-litigious, civil and criminal contexts. He is an accredited specialist in Government and Administrative Law under the NSW Law Society’s Specialist Accreditation scheme and was Head Assessor for that field in 2011-13.

Since 1988 he has practised in the areas of Administrative Law, Government Contracting, Commercial Contracting and Probity matters, including legislative reform and procurement projects, intellectual property, to achieve the best value for money for clients.

He works very much at the interface of government and the commercial world.

Global Agreement: Genetic resources and Traditional Knowledge

IP Australia has welcomed a new treaty. it is intended that the treaty new treaty on Intellectual Property, Genetic Resources and associated Traditional Knowledge , after long delay, recognize Indigenous peoples’ traditional knowledge into the international...

City and Suburbs

Well, it should come as no surprise in this day and age that actual physical location is less an issue than it was. With the benefit of technology and portability, I am able to practice both in the city and from home. The  best of both worlds (especially in this...

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