Gregory Ross is a partner of Eakin McCaffery Cox’s Commercial Government team. He has many years legal services experience spanning litigious and non-litigious, civil and criminal contexts. He is an accredited specialist in Government and Administrative Law under the NSW Law Society’s Specialist Accreditation scheme and was Head Assessor for that field in 2011-13.

Since 1988 he has practised in the areas of Administrative Law, Government Contracting, Industry Facilitation and Probity matters, including legislative reform and procurement projects, including Public Private Partnerships, to achieve the best value for money for clients.

He works very much at the interface of government and the commercial world. He has, for some time, provided Probity Advisory/Audit governance services to clients.

Things to Consider in making A Will

Who Do I have a spouse or partner? If so, should we both do Wills and do they have to have any reciprocity? Other Issues 1 What assets do I (and my spouse or partner) have? If so, will both Wills be done? 2 What liabilities do I have? How will liabilities existing at...

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